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Food Donations Program


Reducing waste and feeding the hungry

Sustainable Lockup is partnering with productions in Vancouver to facilitate a Food Donations program that takes edible food from productions and distributes it to various shelter organizations to help support their residents.  Hundreds of meals are distributed to people in need throughout Greater Vancouver through this program.

If you are interested in participating as either a donor or a recipient of the Sustainable Lockup's Food Donation Program, please contact us at

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Food Donation Program

In its efforts to help promote sustainable production practices by reducing waste and keeping more food from being dumped in landfills, Sustainable Lockup can help your production establish its own Food Donations program by:

-coordinating logistics and identifying a pick up system that works best for your production

-partnering with local recipient organizations, charities, and non-profits

-providing program oversight and management

-tracking the number of donations to record accurate data for your production